Implosion (mechanical process)

An implosion is the sudden collapse of the object due to an external pressure greater than the internal pressure or other forces acting on the object towards the center of balance. The implosion is thus in contrast to the explosion that results accordingly using the inverse relation of forces.

An implosion can occur for example in the destruction of an evacuated cathode ray tube of a television set or ( CRT ) computer screen. Cause of such implosions is the loss of stability of the vessel which is to carry the pressure difference. They are often connected with a bang due to the rapidly changing air pressure. Although the debris are first accelerated to the inside of the destroyed vessel, but only partially slowed down by collisions and the resulting fly in the sequence again apart explosively.

Implosions can occur even without the mechanical destruction of a vessel. So for example in the collapse cavitation, which may occur, for example, in the operation of propellers, suddenly small, only recently formed vapor bubbles, as they surrounded the water pressure exceeds their own internal pressure.