ImpressCMS is a free, developed by the user community content management system for building web portals, written in the programming language PHP. As a MySQL database is used.


The ImpressCMS Project was founded in late 2007 as a splinter group from the Xoops community. Many developers of ImpressCMS are veteran developers, designers and users with extensive knowledge Xoops who are trying to promote a new community and build the ImpressCMS. The core of the platform of the ImpressCMS was inherited by Xoops, but distinguishes itself quickly from the actual parent. However, to ensure that modules and design from the original core of Xoops continue to function. Thus, the user can easily migrate to ImpressCMS and additionally get a compatibility offered.

The ImpressCMS Project under the GNU General Public License version 2 and is available in German language for download.


For ImpressCMS 1.3.x a web server with PHP version 5.2.8 or higher and MySQL version 4.1 or later is required.


ImpressCMS uses an open architecture that webmasters can add additional modules that extend the core functionality. There are numerous modules that have been developed with the help of the international community of users, designers and fans alike. It is primarily about creating and managing content for communities.

Basic functions of ImpressCMS:

  • Granular permissions for users and groups
  • Complete user's profile and private messages
  • Customizable Themes and Templates
  • Built- comment function with optional moderation
  • Management of Banner Advertising
  • Website Cross- search function
  • Multibyte language support with more than ten language services
  • Native multilingual support allows the tagging of content in different languages ​​and the user will see the content according to the country selection
  • Create your own block positions for greater flexibility of design and layout
  • Easy cloning of existing blocks with one click
  • Trust -Path: Sensitive data is outside the web root and can not be surfed with the browser
  • Automatic version control notifies the webmaster of a new version
  • Users can select their own layout and save it in the account
  • Users can use an automatic login, this is turned on or off by the administrator

The goal

The aim of the ImpressCMS project is to stimulate and promote the open-source nature of the expansion of the core ( Core) ImpressCMS and their modules, which are tailored to the needs of users and are maintained in the future.

It is a secure Internet can be designed with this CMS that the project puts emphasis in particular privacy and security. Other priorities are:

  • Open Source Code
  • Open development
  • Open Philosophy
  • Open Community