Improv Everywhere

Improv Everywhere ( Abbr. IE; engl for improvisation everywhere) is a performance group that was founded in New York City in 2001 by Charlie Todd. According to the motto "We Cause Scenes", the Group has since 2001 about 100 actions carried out by rehearsed theater scenes with a few actors to flash mobs several hundred participants in the public sphere. The actions are documented on the group's website and published since mid-2005 in their Youtube channel, which so far had about 340 million views.


The actions of IE, internally mission are called by different members of the group, agents, carried out. Part calls are disseminated to participate via social networks.

  • Since 2002, the No Pants Subway Ride action is performed annually in the New York City Subway in January. Participants travel on the trains in normal everyday clothing but no trousers with. The reactions of passers-by are covered by the third or openly filmed. In other American and European cities, the action took imitators.
  • One of the most famous action was Frozen Central Station. On 26 January 2008 a Saturday, more than 200 participants held on in the main hall of Grand Central Station. At 14:30 clock they stopped in their motion for five minutes. The action took several imitators.
  • In October 2005, organized IE a concert on a rooftop in New York, acted as members of the musical group U2 at the actor. During the fourth song, the concert, the New York Police Department ended because of the human head box in the street.