Imtech Arena

  • Hamburger SV
  • Football World Cup 1974
  • European Football Championship 1988
  • Football World Cup 2006
  • Live Earth 2007
  • UEFA Europa League Final 2009/10
  • LIGA total! Cup 2012

The Imtech Arena or the Volksparkstadion is the football stadium of Bundesliga club Hamburger SV in Hamburg- Bahr field that is occasionally used for concerts and other sporting events. Before June 2001, it was called the People's Park Stadium, July 2007 to June 2010, AOL Arena and HSH Nordbank Arena. During the World Cup in 2006 it was called FIFA World Cup Stadium Hamburg to the European games is the official name of Hamburg Arena.

It is an official category 4 Stadium. For international games, in which a pure seat seating is required, hidden under the standing room folding seats are used, thus increasing the capacity of the stadium reduced to about 51,750 seats.

2010, the final of the UEFA Europa League took place here; the decisive factor that Hamburg was awarded the contract against several competitors, gave spectator capacity, infrastructure, accommodation and safety conditions.

Find in the arena, mostly in the off-season, concerts and other events. So the worldwide Live Earth festival was held here in 2007, well-known artists such as Herbert Grönemeyer or scooter guest appearances here.


Overall, the Imtech Arena has a capacity of 57,000. Of these 10,000 accounts and 4,200 standing places on business seats, 120 seats are also suitable for disabled guests. For live broadcasts 22 camera positions are available.


History to 1998

The first stadium in the Altona People's Park in Bahr field was the urban " Altona Stadium ", whose buildings were from Gustav Oelsner. Inaugurated on September 11, 1925 before 50,000 spectators well; 1927 also found internationals and 1928, the final of the German Cup (HSV - Hertha BSC 5-2 ) held here.

1953, was rebuilt in rubble. The new People's Park Stadium was the venue for many other internationals, including even at the World Cup 1974.

Reconstruction in 1998

By remodeling the old concrete bowl was among the football fans to the most unpopular stadiums in Germany, because in her wide round barely came up mood. The desire for a " autonomous, purely football stadium " and the unattractiveness of the stadium led to the " Arena Project." The reconstruction began on 2 June 1998 and lasted until the summer of 2000, the architect Manfred O. Steuerwald built " during the current game mode" to the stadium. Grandstands were moved close to the pitch. The heated turf has been rotated 90 ° so that not since the west curve exists. New home of the HSV fans is the North Stand. In the course of 1998, the stadium was purchased for a symbolic mark of HSV from the possession of the city of Hamburg. Legal owner of the stadium is the HSV stadium HSV- asset management GmbH & Co. KG, a 100 % - owned subsidiary of HSV Sports AG. This is again eV to 99 % of Hamburger SV and 1% ( in trust until 2015) held by marketers Sports Five. Holdings is the stadium of the HSV- Arena GmbH & Co. KG. The cost of the conversion should be around DM 179 million (about 91.52 million euros ). As the owner of the HSV alone was responsible for the cost of the conversion, however, there were public subsidies in the amount of 21.3 million DM In September 2000, the Chief Executive Officer Werner Hackmann admitted that the costs would increase significantly. During the upgrade, it came to " delays " unpaid " bills, cost explosion" and the " collapse of investor Andreas C. Wankum ". The conversion required a waiver of the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt, because of construction in the main approach path of the start and runway II of Hamburg Airport is the deep and flying over crowds should be avoided if possible.

The roof

The roof was designed by the architectural firm Schlaich Berger and Partners and built by a consortium of companies from England, America and Berlin. It is in the roof of a transparent coating of 40 fields with 800 square meters.

Name change in 2001

This converted Volksparkstadion received from July 1, 2001 the name AOL Arena, what AOL HSV DM 30 million paid ( 15.3 million euros ). The contract was extended in December 2005 to June 2007.

Football World Cup 2006

The stadium was the venue for the World Cup 2006. During the World Cup, the stadium was called without sponsors name and was called " FIFA World Cup Stadium Hamburg ". For this reason, the large lettering was temporarily removed on the roof of the East Stand.

There were a total of five games here instead:

Name change in 2007

For the period from July 2007, HSH Nordbank had acquired the naming rights to the stadium. As a result, the stadium was renamed July 4, 2007 " HSH Nordbank Arena ". This changed for the first time the sponsors name of a stadium of German football Bundesliga.

Conversion 2009/2010

In April 2009, plans were announced, after which the stadium should be rebuilt for about 13 million euros to July 2010 and increased to an audience capacity of 61 322 spectators. The conversion measures the standing areas of the North Stand should be created expanded to 3,000 seats and an additional business area with about 17 lodges in the south area of the arena. Another planned measure was the construction of a children's service and world with 2,500 square meters directly at the stadium. At the beginning of the season 2011/12 the construction work should be completed at the standing room as well as in the VIP area.

In October 2009, the remodeling plans were postponed due to financial and human resource constraints, and announced a decision in the spring of 2010.

In June 2010 it was announced that the remodeling plans are initially deferred and only the conversion from sitting to standing room would be carried out. Block 22 C now has been transformed to the general admission area, which currently has a capacity of 57,300 spectators is available. However, the block for security reasons is not yet fully utilized.

Name change in 2010

HSH Nordbank was due to the financial crisis, the naming rights that were originally agreed contractually to 2013, in 2010 prematurely. Since 1 July 2010, Imtech is the new title sponsor, accordingly called the stadium since the 2010/11 season " Imtech Arena ". The agreement was concluded for six years.

The stadium name had to be changed for the Football World Cup 2006 and also to the UEFA Cup matches, since in these competitions no sponsors names are allowed. Due to the frequent change of name is often simply speaking in Hamburg and in numerous media only by the HSV- Arena or the Volksparkstadion, the latter especially of traditionally-minded HSV fans.