In home tutoring

As a tutor persons are referred to primarily children and young people at home in the private sector, instead, give or educate education in schools. This can be your parents, but also private teachers who are committed to home schooling.


In earlier times have been a private tutor, then also called Hofmeister or informer, often used in noble families for training and education of offspring. In princely households a tutor was governor. The title was also used to refer to the teachers and educators in princely military educational institutions. Working as a private tutor was since the early modern period, a conventional career start for young graduates.

Current situation

Trained tutors can be set for all school subjects and for persons of any age, if required for adults. Tutor are for the pre-and primary schools, as well as for the further education available.

Tutor in Germany

As in Germany compulsory education is that home schooling was banned in 1938 with the Kingdom of Compulsory Education Act, the lessons outside of school is only allowed in exceptional cases. Tutor today are primarily required for the tutoring.

Tutor be used like before exams or for the high school preparations. Even with theses of students can tutor helping stand aside. Tutor are in some cases essential, in order not to lose the connection to the learning progress of the class and for students with long-term illness.

Tutor in Austria

In Austria, the law has been preserved until today to comply with the compulsory education through home schooling. This freedom was originally introduced during the monarchy to children can not be expected " upper class " teaching to the common people, where were no such schools available.