In-SHUCK-ch Nation

With In - Shuck -ch Nation North American Indians are called, who have joined forces in a First Nations government in the lower Lillooet River south of Pemberton in the Canadian province of British Columbia. The more than 900 ( state-approved ) members belong to the language group of the St'at'imc from the family of languages ​​of the Salish languages ​​, culturally they belong to the inland Salish. They have separated themselves from the Lillooet Tribal Council and form their own representation to the Canadian government.

Go to Lower Stl'atl'imx Tribal Council include three bands, as in Canada, the separated part settled tribes are mentioned. These are the Samahquam First Nation ( shah -MAH- kwum ) with about 280 recognized families (2006), the Skatin Nations with 381 (August 2009 ) and the Douglas First Nation, with 235 members. Originally, the N'Quatqua First Nation (303 recognized dependents) who lives at D' Arcy, resigned with the three other bands, but it has now its own administration.

Beginning of July 2007, the In - Shuck -ch Nation a land use agreement with the government, promote economic development, but at the same time to be considerate of ecologically and culturally sensitive areas of the territory.

The chiefs Darryl Peters of Douglas First Nation, Keith Smith of the Samahquam nation and Patrick Williams of the Skatin Nations have signed the contract. Specifically, it was decided to establish a new reserve on the upper Rogers Creek, adjacent to the Stone Valley Nlaka'pamux Heritage Park, plus a further 30 ha large area at the bottom of Douglas Creek, finally, a so-called wildland zone at the upper Douglas Creek, where logging has been banned but wanted natural resources and tourism is to be developed. In addition, 11 cultural sites are recognized, and they are to be managed in the future only under consultation with the First Nations.

Overall, get the In - Shuck -ch an area of ​​14,979 hectares ( almost 150 sq km) and about 21 million dollars.