in situ

In situ ( Latin for " on-site " ) is a technical term in different areas, which can " on the spot " mean or " in the original position " for example. The opposite is ex situ.


Natural sciences

  • Medicine: in situ = in the natural position in the body (see Situs )
  • Carcinoma in situ: locally confined cancer stove (earliest, usually incurable cancer stage)
  • LASIK (laser in - situ keratomileusis ) is a procedure for the correction of vision defects directly on the eye
  • Implants: in situ means that an implant is in the desired position in the body
  • In science, an in situ measurement means that the measurement is taking place, while changing the sample, for example by heat treatment
  • Physics: With an in- situ sample preparation, the sample is prepared under ultrahigh vacuum conditions and measured immediately without leaving the vacuum
  • In molecular biology is "in situ" as a shorthand for in-situ hybridisation
  • Synthetic chemistry: the preparation of a ( usually very reactive ) starting compound and its immediate re-use in the same reaction vessel
  • Veterinary Medicine: determining the digestibility of feeds directly in the rumen of ruminants
  • Archaeology: A Fund is still in its original location; or object is still at the site of its former use, was therefore not displaced by geological processes, for example,
  • Paleontology: In- situ preparation of fossils means that the remains of organisms ( both articulated and munched, zerscherbte or verdriftete finds) are prepared and preserved without position correction, often with parts of the enclosing or filling sediment matrix (the result is an in- situ preparation )

Technical areas

  • Mining and Geology: the treatment of mineral resources exploration directly in position
  • Oil industry: the processing of oily bitumen to crude oil at the place of promotion
  • Building and environmental technology: the execution of certain procedures on site, about remediation
  • Radiation protection: measurement of radioactivity, without the material from his place to move (eg in-situ gamma spectrometry )
  • At the final place to check test equipment after installation of all equipment that they work together: Air and space technology
  • Hearing Aids: probe microphone measurement to account for the natural ear canal resonance at the hearing aid fitting
  • IT: an algorithm that requires only the space that is already being used by the elements anyway; the elements are therefore processed in the existing memory rather than in a new copied (synonym for in-place)


  • Ecology: In- situ conservation of ecosystems and habitats means the conservation or reintroduction of species in their natural habitat
  • Gardening: sowing ( perennial ) plants directly to the point at which they are to eventually grow
  • Service, mainly engineering services: At work packages, a distinction is whether the work contract is made in the ordering operation ( in situ) or externally in the operation of the contractor (ex situ)