in vivo

As in vivo ( Latin for living in ) is called in the scientific processes that occur in the living organism. In contrast, processes that in an artificial environment (eg in a test tube ) or just generally take place outside of living organisms, by the term in vitro. You are saying, for example, that a biochemical reaction takes place in vivo or in vitro either.

Research results ( eg drug discovery ), which can be achieved under (laboratory) conditions in vitro, may not necessarily be confirmed under the complex conditions in a living organism in vivo. Therefore scientific practice for review of findings obtained in vitro in vivo studies.

In behavior therapy

In behavior therapy, the addition in vivo indicates a treatment outside of the treatment facility, in the field, such as exposure therapy in vivo ( eg, commit open spaces, expose heights Elevator ride, fly, ask questions ). Contrast: in sensu, that is (only ) in the imagination.

In bioinformatics

Lately has become the norm in bioinformatics for the simulation of biochemical processes, for example, in the computer, the term in silico.