Ina (river)

The Ina in Goleniów ( Gollnow )

The Ina ( German Ihna ) is a right tributary of the Oder in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship in Poland.

It rises a few miles east of Ciemnik ( Temnick ) south of Insko ( Nörenberg ). It flows through Stargard ( Stargard in Pomerania ), and further flows in a large arc to the northwest, where it flows through Goleniów ( Gollnow ) and flows into the dam 's lake and thus into the Oder.

At the time of the Hanseatic city of Stargard operation a lively grain trade, they were made via the Ihna. In 1830 the Ihna was navigable only over a length of 4 miles.

The opening in the dam 's lake in 1808 moved to its current place. Previously, she was a little further south at Ihnamünde.