INA is the abbreviation of:

  • INA (Berlin ), International Academy for Innovative Pedagogy, Psychology and Economics, nonprofit society of the Freie Universität Berlin
  • Initiative Nachrichtenaufklärung, media studies German -language initiative
  • Inventories of governmental archives of Westphalia, project for the collection of municipal, church and private archives of Westphalia by the FO Archives Office of Westphalia
  • International Standard Atmosphere
  • INA, maker's mark of the Schaeffler Group
  • Industrija nafte, Croatian oil and gas company
  • Immigration and Nationality Act, American immigration and nationality law
  • Institut national de l' audiovisual, French radio and television archive
  • Indian National Army
  • Industrial Archaeology
  • Olympic team abbreviation of Indonesia
  • Institut National des Arts (Congo ) ( INA), Art School in Kinshasa, Congo
  • Institut National des Arts (Mali ) ( INA), art school in Bamako, Mali
  • Instrumentation Amplifiers, Instrumentation Amplifier in English

InA stands for:

  • Industrial Automation, Master 's degree at the University of Applied Sciences Heide / Holstein and Hochschule Wismar

Ina may refer to:

  • Ina ( first name ), a first name, see there for bearers of the name
  • Ina ( Saitama ), city in Japan
  • Ina ( Sicily), ancient city of Sicily
  • Ina (river), Polish river
  • Ina Iceland, Island of the Aleutian Islands
  • Ina (Illinois ), location in the U.S.
  • Ina ( Nagano ), Japanese City in Nagano Prefecture
  • Ina (crater ), a small lunar crater in Lacus Felicitatis

Ina is the surname of the following persons:

  • Jana Ina, families and artist name of Janaína Zarrella
  • Kyoko Ina (born 1972 ), Japanese - American figure skater
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