The Incentro is developed by Adtranz tram vehicle. Today, it is manufactured by Bombardier Transportation.

The Incentro tram - car type joint was initially developed by Adtranz, which was bought in 2001 by Bombardier. Bombardier continued to produce the type of streetcar, but actively markets its own preferred Flexity model containing similar types. The Incentro vehicles had this impact on the redevelopment of the Bombardier Flexity Berlin, which was presented in 2008.

Type trams Incentro currently operate in Nantes and make the entire fleet of Nottingham Express Transit. In Nottingham operate 15 Incentro tramcar, which were built by Bombardier Transportation in Derby (Derbyshire ).

It is a 100 - % low-floor articulated trams consisting of five modules, which is designed for the bi -directional driving up to 80 km / hr. The front and rear bogies are equipped with four individual wheel suspension, the middle bogie is not driven.