Independence Arch (Accra)

The Independence Arch is a triumphal arch in Accra, capital of Ghana. It was built in honor of the Unabhängigkleit the country in 1957. Ghana was the first independent state in Black Africa, bringing the Independence Arch stands for the beginning of decolonization in Black Africa.

The arch is located at the Independence Square in Victoria Borg district. On the Independence Arch, there are four huge black stars, which are aligned in the cardinal directions. From each of the four cardinal directions, only one star seems to find there. The Black Star as a "star of African freedom ' is also found on the flag of Ghana. Underneath the star is the lettering AD 1957 ( AD = Anno Domini = in the year of the Lord ) to commemorate the year of independence, as well as including an additional inscription with the motto of the State of Ghana: Freedom and Justice (Freedom and Justice).


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5.5490833333333 - 0.19277777777778Koordinaten: 5 ° 32 ' 57 "N, 0 ° 11' 34 " W

  • Triumphal arch
  • Building in Ghana
  • Accra
  • Built in the 1950s