The term Indietronic (alternatively: indietronics or Indietronica ) denotes the since the mid- 1990s, evolving mix of indie pop and rock with style elements of electronic music. This will both traditional musicians who incorporate increasing use of electronic components in her pieces as referred to musicians of the electronic camp, explore the the song format for themselves. The music is basically describe as a mixture of pop, electronica and indie rock, can have elements of hip-hop, folk, jazz, post-rock and Krautrock and tends to usually rather gentle, melancholy mood.

For the first time the term appeared in the late 1990s and was for a time in parallel with alternative names such as Data Pop ( according to a published 2001 Compilation of Spex ), Indie Dance, Indie - electro, Lap - Pop used that no longer are now common. With increasing availability of electronic instruments for professional use also artists from the indie sector converged on style means of electronic music and took it to mainly paid from the IDM. The first popular album this direction applies Shrink by The Notwist, which appeared in 1998. In 2002, the compilation published Indietronica Vol 1 and the album Neon Golden by The Notwist. Give Up by The Postal Service developed in 2003 a huge commercial success of the label Sub Pop since Nirvana's debut album " Bleach". In 2006, several albums (about Hot Chip The Warning with or So This Is Goodbye by Junior Boys ), especially among critics successfully.

Other important albums of this variety are Yesterday Was Dramatic, Today Is OK by Múm (1999 ), A Pack of Lies by Turner and Nothing's Lost by Styrofoam ( 2004). Some other artists of this style, for example, Dntel, Duo505, The Knife, Stereolab, Lali Puna, Ms. John Soda, Console, Her Space Holiday, Electric President, Finn. , Werle & Stankowski, and Ulrich Schnauss Tarwater. Labels with a focus on music this direction include Too Pure and Warp Records from the English or Alien Transistor, City Centre Offices, house music, Ladomat2000, Morr Music, payola and Flayer Meadow Productions from German speaking countries.