Indogermanische Forschungen

The Indo-European research (IF) is an international journal for Indo-European Studies and General Linguistics. The magazine was founded in 1892 by Karl Brugmann and Wilhelm Streit mountain until 2011 was the editor Eckhard Eggers succeeds Wolfgang P. Schmid †; since 2012, the editors Michael Meier - Brügger, Elisabeth Rieken and Paul Widmer. The magazine is laid by the publisher Walter de Gruyter and is after the "Historical linguistics " is the second oldest international Journal of Indo-European studies and linguistics.

" The Indo-European research publish contributions (articles and reviews) mainly in the areas of historical - comparative linguistics, the history of language, typology and characteristics of the individual languages ​​of this group. In addition, Essays on general linguistics and non- Indo-European languages ​​are included where they touch the main issue of the journal methods and language history. "