Inezgane (Arabic: إنزكان ) is the capital and second largest city of the province to Ait Melloul Inezgane - Aït Melloul in the Moroccan Souss -Massa -Draa. The city's name is derived from the Berber word anzigane, which means " cave ".


Inezgane is about 25 m above sea level. inst in a loop of the Oued Souss in the northwestern foothills of the Anti-Atlas Mountains in southwestern Morocco. The distance to Agadir and the Atlantic Ocean is about 12 km. Biougra, Aït Baha and Tafraoute are only about 25 or 60 and 150 kilometers south-east.


Inezgane was the main market town of the Berber tribe of the Aksimen. During the French colonial period resided here appointed by the French Kaid.


Had the place in 1960 to 20,000 inhabitants, as it was in 2012 already about 130,000. The population increase is primarily due to migration of Berber families in the surrounding mountain areas.


The most important role in the economy of the city play commerce, trade and transportation. Many men live and work in the cities of the North or in Europe, that is, mainly in France, so that many residents of the city are highly dependent on money transfer services. Inezgane is a major transportation hub in the run-up to Agadir; all main roads and thus almost all the traffic will be routed around Agadir and intersect in Inezgane.