Information Telegraph Agency of Russia

ITAR -TASS (Russian Информационное телеграфное агентство России, Informatsionnoje telegrafnoje agentstwo Rossii ) is a major Russian news agencies with headquarters in Moscow. Their predecessors included in the calculation it has existed since 1904. Since 1992, the agency operates under the name of ITAR- TASS. Through a network of domestic and foreign offices of text and images are services operated in many languages.


TASS was the abbreviation for Telegrafnoje agentstwo Sowjetskogo Sojusa ( Телеграфное агентство Советского Союза ), ie Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union. The company was founded on 10 July 1925 from 1925 to 1991, the news agency of the Soviet Union as a successor to the ROSTA.

The present name of the ITAR-TASS is associated with the original name an acronym for Informatsionnoje telegrafnoje agentstvo Rossii and is called Telegrafnoje agentstwo Swazi i soobschtschenija ( Телеграфное агентство связи и сообщения ), ie Telegraph Agency of communications and messages.

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