Inga Abel

Inga Abel (* July 7, 1946 in Dusseldorf, † May 27, 2000 ibid ) was a German actress.

Since the age of eight, she learned ballet and figure skating. From 17 to 19 years of age she was soloist at the Vienna Ice Revue. Then she took acting lessons in her hometown of Dusseldorf and was among other things on the comedy Frankfurt, the Theater am Dom in Cologne and at the courtyard theater engaged in Moers. She became known for her role as Dr. Eva -Maria Sperling in the WDR series linden street. There she played eight years with. In RTL Radio Luxembourg Inga Abel moderated together with Hugo Egon Balder noon broadcast meal.

In the Carnival Session 1975 she was beside Prince Jupp I. (Josef Steinhausen ) the Venetia Inga I. in her hometown of Dusseldorf ( motto: "Children, how time flies ").

Because of their distinctive voice, she also worked as a voice actor from the late 1980s.

Abel died on 27 May 2000 from breast cancer.