The Ingeborg Psalter ( Musée Condé Ms. 9 Olim 1695) is a Psalter, which was around 1200 for Ingeborg of Denmark, the wife of the French King Philip II Augustus, made ​​. In this magnificent manuscript is one of the masterpieces of French book painting of the early Gothic. Today it is in the Musée Condé, Chantilly.

Text and thumbnails

The text of the 150 Psalms in this work in the so-called littera psalteralis, a luxury book script, written on 400 pages of parchment. The text is illustrated by a total of 51 golden miniatures.

Master of the Ingeborg Psalter

The name of the painter of miniatures in the Psalter is not known, therefore it is called in professional circles with the Notnamen Master of the Ingeborg Psalter. His three-dimensional representation of the characters and their expressive gestures emphasize his work from the era and have been on style elements, which are then characterize the early Gothic.