Ingenious (board game)

  • 2004: Game of the Year - Nomination list
  • 2004: Game of the Year
  • 2004: Swiss Games Price - Strategy Games, 1st place
  • 2004: German game prize - 5th place
  • 2004: International Gamers Award - Multiplayer Nominees
  • 2005: Mensa Select
  • 2006: Golden Geek Award - Best Family Game
  • 2010: MinD Games Price

Ingenious is an abstract tile-laying game by Reiner Knizia. The gameplay is reminiscent of Domino, the stones from double hexagons are not linear, but created in the area. The game for 2-4 players ( with a variant for single players ), ages 10 and lasts 45-60 minutes and is published in German in 2004 at Kosmos. Meanwhile, it is distributed internationally by over 15 game publishers.

It was nominated in the same year as one of five games for the critics' prize game of the year and reached number 5 of the German Game Prize. It won the Austrian price match of the games and the Swiss game prize in the category of strategy games.

Subject and equipment

Ingenious waives any garment into a story, and also the design of the game board is abstract. Each player plays simultaneously with all the symbols against all other players.

The large playing field is printed with a hexagon, which is divided into little hexagons. The flat pieces of dark plastic consist of two small contiguous hexagons that are each printed with one of six symbols. Such a double stone can have twice the same or different patterns. The symbols are both clearly distinguished by color as in form and so facilitate the game also color blind or visually impaired players.

Game play

Each player keeps six randomly drawn tiles face down on the hand or a shelf board and placed in each round from one of them. The stones can be placed at any point entirely. Points are obtained, however, only if one puts together the same symbols. For all been lying game pieces with the same symbol that originate in the direct line of the ten edges of your own game piece, the player receives one point.

These points, it marks separated by symbols on their score board with a small colored stone. If a player reaches a stone the maximum value of 18 points, he may place another stone immediately. The aim of the game is to move forward in all six symbols. The end game is reached when no more token fits on the board, or (very rarely) when a player reaches the maximum value in all six symbols.

The winner is the player whose farthest back lying symbol has the most points.

Target group

Despite the classification as an abstract strategy game " Ingenious " is very easy to learn and is so attractive for casual gamers. The character changes with the number of players. Couple it is a tactical game, with many opportunities for constructive and destructive behavior. With more players the intuitive component increases. The solo game is more randomly determined and resembles a solitaire.


2005 " Ingenious " at United Soft Media appeared as a computer game in which the player can play against the computer which plays in three levels of difficulty.

A special version for two players, which is thought by pluggable elements as a travel edition, in 2006 came on the market. They used a smaller field and fewer stones.