Ingfried Hoffmann

Ingfried Hoffmann ( born January 30, 1935 in Szczecin ) is a German jazz organist, pianist, trumpeter, arranger and composer.


Hoffmann studied piano in Berlin and Dusseldorf. Starting in 1963, is best known for his roles in the quartet by Klaus Doldinger. But first jazz recordings under his name emerged in 1956 ( Ingfried 's Boogie - Bumble Boogie ) with him on piano, guitarist Attila Zoller and Johnny Fischer on bass and Rudy Sehring on drums, after he had heard the Dixieland group, The Feetwarmers.

On the LP Ingfried Hoffmann's Hammond Tales ( 1963) Hoffmann played almost exclusively Hammond organ. With From Twen with Love (1966 ) Hoffmann has published a plate on which he only plays the organ. In 1966 he takes part in the recordings of the soundtrack of Will- Tremper film Playgirl. Under the direction of Peter Thomas are on the soundtrack released on a Philips LP Klaus Doldinger ( sax ), Peter Trunk ( bass) and listen to Rafi Luderitz (drums). In 1969 he founded his own band, Steel body, with the toured Europe, South America and North Africa. He was also involved in records of Lucky Thompson and Rolf Kühn.

Hoffmann retired in 1970 from the Jazz back and since then almost only active as a composer and arranger, among others, the album Marion Maerz sings Burt Bacharach - page one. He wrote music for The Phantom of the Opera, for Hello Spencer and for the TV series Robbi, Tobbi and Fliewatüüt. Since 1972, he served as musical director of the German version of Sesame Street. He also worked for the program with the mouse and Captain Blue Bear. He also wrote film scores as well as suites for symphony orchestra and jazz soloists such as Vienna Impressions or The Daily Blues.

Klaus Doldinger the occasion of his 70th birthday in May 2006 he has been in several cities in Germany - along with Doldinger - acted as organist.


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The four Philips LPs, along with the music of the two EPs and several bonus tracks, was released in June 2006 as a remastered 4- CD box under the name of "Early Doldinger ".

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