Inhambane Province

The Inhambane province is located southeast of Mozambique to the Mozambique Channel.


Inhambane has an area of ​​68,615 km ². To the north lie the provinces of Sofala and Manica, west of the province of Gaza.

The provincial capital is also called Inhambane. It has about 63 837 inhabitants ( 2007). The largest city in the province is 108 824 inhabitants with maxixe (2007).

The Inhambane province is divided into eleven districts:

  • Funhalouro
  • Govuro
  • Homoine
  • Inharrime
  • Inhassoro
  • Jangamo
  • Mabote
  • Massinga
  • Morrumbene
  • Panda
  • Vilanculos
  • Zavala


In Inhambane 1,412,349 people live.


In Inhambane cashew nuts, cotton, rice and sugarcane are mainly produced. Inland, dry meat is made from beef.