Injured Reserve List

The Injured Reserve List ( dt approximately the injured - reserve list) is a term from the rules of the American team sports and describes the status of a player who is injured and for a specific time period is not able to play matches. The term is used primarily in the sports of American football and ice hockey use. In baseball, there is a so-called Disabled List, in basketball the Inactive List, after the Injured Reserve List was abused by the teams as " player car park".

Depending on the sport, there are several rules which players are on the list of what is allowed to them at this time and what is not. This is usually associated with the completed Collective Bargaining Agreement, a sort of collective bargaining agreement between the league and the players.

American Football

Once in the National Football League, a player is placed on the list, it automatically applies from that date until the end of the season as injured and can no longer be used.


In the National Hockey League, a player can be put on the list if it hurt, injured, sick, or is not in a position to meet its obligations as a hockey player. A player who is on the list, must remain there for at least seven days. His club may, however, fill the vacant place in the squad with another player, even though the injured player still officially part of the team and is required to attend press events, and, if it allows him its constitution, even in team training.

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