Ink Serialized Format

Ink Serialized Format or ISF is a format of the software company Microsoft, which is used to store written information with electronic ink.

The format is mainly used in mobile devices, so for example, personal digital assistants, tablets and ultra-mobile PCs for storing data that have been entered with a stylus.

An ink object is a sequence of strokes, each stroke being a sequence of points, there are in turn points X and Y coordinates. Many mobile devices can also provide information on the pressure and the angle available. In addition, in the object user-defined information can be stored.


The specification is freely available for download. Microsoft has added the ISF format to the technologies available under the terms of the Open Specification Promise, be ISF -related claims for each valid, so that can use or implement any ISF.

For this reason, the format can even be used in conjunction with open source licenses such as the GPL v2.