Inkwell (Macintosh)

Inkwell (also called Ink short ) is a handwriting recognition program that is fully integrated into the text of Apple's Mac OS X system. It was introduced with version 10.2 ( Jaguar) Mac OS X. Inkwell supports English, French and German language. Inkwell was developed by Brandyn Webb, but is originally based on Rosetta, a technique that was available on the PDA Newton from Apple.

Inkwell only works with a tablet as an input device. Is this graphics tablet connected to the computer, all settings for the operation of Inkwell can be set in the Control Panel. Is Inkwell enabled, a semi-transparent, dynamic grow along with yellow note window in which the user can write appears. After the entry of the recognized text will be automatically inserted into the currently active program. When not enabled, handwriting recognition, for example, can be inserted into the active program alternatively a hand-drawn sketch.

In early 2008, the computer maker Axiotron ModBook before the tablet notebook. The ModBook is used the first touchscreen notebook, the Inkwell.