Inkwil is a municipality in the administrative district of Upper Aargau canton of Bern in Switzerland and consists of the villages village, Vorstatt and station. It is located at five hundred yards long and three hundred feet wide Inkwilersee, which lies on the border with the neighboring municipality of Solothurn Bolken.


The area around Inkwil is inhabited in the Stone Age. Was first documented in 1262 as the village Inchwile. The village belonged to the Counts of Kyburg, after the extinction of the Counts of Neu- Kyburg, who sold it in 1402 to the town of Burgdorf.


In the village there is the school Inkwil - cheeks Ried, in which all classes are taught by the 1st class of primary school until 9th grade junior high school.



Inkwil was opened in 1857 on the railway line Solothurn- Herzogenbuchsee and owned a station which was decommissioned in 1992 with the entire railway line for passenger traffic. During the section Inkwil - Herzogenbuchsee was canceled the section Inkwil -Solothurn since December 2004 as a rail line Solothurn- Wanzwil back in operation, but has no more stops. The community is accessed from the bus operation Solothurn and region ( BSU ) through the bus line Solothurn- Herzogenbuchsee.

By Inkwil leads a network of secondary roads in all neighboring communities, the two nearest motorway connections are located on the A1 near Wangen an der Aare ( about 6 miles) and War Stetten ( about 8 km).