Innovation Place Research Park

Innovation Place is a research institute of the province of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada. A total of three research parks were opened in the province, which are located in different locations. A research park located near the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, another near the University of Regina in Regina, Saskatchewan, and the third also known as " Forestry Centre " in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. In 2004, 127 companies were talking research facilities at the sites.

Innovation Place Saskatoon

The Research Park in Saskatoon includes the following buildings / facilities:

  • The Atrium
  • Bio Processing Centre
  • Canadian Space Agency research buildings with satellite radio station
  • The Concourse in this building there are several research institutions.
  • Dr. Burton Craig Building
  • 411 Downey Road
  • Galleria Building
  • L. F. Kristjanson Biotechnology Complex
  • Maintenance / Energy Centre
  • National Hydrology Research Centre - Hydrology and Centre for Environmental Research is operated by Environment Canada
  • 108 Research Drive
  • 110 Research Drive
  • 112 Research Drive
  • 121 Research Drive
  • Saskatchewan Research Council
  • SaskTel telecommunications provider research facility
  • SRC Analytical Laboratories ( has a SLOWPOKE research reactor )
  • SED Systems
  • University of Saskatchewan Services Facility
  • University of Saskatchewan Agriculture Green House

Regina Innovation Research Park

The 320,000 m² of grounds, located near the University of Regina, national and international research is conducted through cooperation with universities and companies. The most important research is conducted information technology, petrochemicals and other natural sciences in the fields. About 850 people for various companies and research institutions working in this area.

  • ISM Building - is a two story building, which was completed in 1990 and a total floor space of 7,400 m². The building includes ISM Information Systems Management Canada Corporation, a research facility of IBM Canada. In addition, maintains the provincial government of Saskatchewan Information Technology Office a (ITO ) in this building.
  • IT Building 2 - The building was completed in 1995 and has an area of ​​1000 m². It includes several IT Research Institute.
  • Petroleum Technology Research Centre - The three-story building was completed in 2000 and includes an area of ​​approximately 6,500 m² several research institutions. Among the Saskatchewan Research Council and the University of Regina and other facilities.
  • Titanium Pilot Plant
  • The Terrace - The building was opened in 2001 and has an area of ​​11,000 m 2 and is home to several research institutions.
  • Greenhouse Gas Technology Centre - This research facility is operated by the University of Regina. The building has an area of 2300 m² and includes the International Research Centre for CO2 greenhouse reduction.
  • The Saskatchewan Disease Control Laboratory Building was completed in 2010.

Prince Albert Forest Centre

In Prince Albert is located with a total of 14 research laboratories.