Inscriptiones Graecae

The Inscriptiones Graecae ( "Greek Inscriptions", abbreviated IG) are a academy project at the Berlin- Brandenburg Academy of Sciences that collects all known ancient inscriptions of the Greek mainland and the Greek islands and out there.

From 1825 to 1877 the Berlin Academy of Sciences had published under the direction of August Boeckh in Corpus Inscriptionum Graecarum all known at this time inscriptions. Discoveries made ​​a complete revision necessary, and 1888 began with the publication of Attic inscriptions by Adolf Kirchhoff, Ulrich Köhler and Wilhelm Dittenberger of 1873 ( Corpus Inscriptionum Atticarum ). Other volumes of inscriptions from northern Greece, the Greek islands and the Peloponnese followed until 1902. This year, Ulrich von Wilamowitz- Moellendorff took over the management of the inscription plant and organized it again, where he was based on Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum who founded by Theodor Mommsen compilation of all Latin inscriptions. The project is now called Inscriptiones Graecae whose volumes were now numbered, limited from then on the inscriptions of the Greek motherland; Greek inscriptions outside the current Greece are recorded in other collections (eg Inscriptiones Graecae in Bulgaria repertae, Tituli Asiae Minoris or inscriptions Greek cities of Asia Minor). Moreover, for the edition since the autopsy principle.

So far, 49 (part) volumes have been published, some are already in revisions (especially in the Attic inscriptions ). The processing of the individual volumes is partially taken over by foreign scientists, takes place at the Berlin Academy in this case, the editorial support. There are also an extensive archive of high five Greek inscriptions is available. Current project since 2007, Peter Funke, Director of the Unit is Klaus Hallof. Publisher of earlier volumes were besides those already mentioned, among other things scholars Friedrich Hiller von Gaertringen, John Kirchner and Günther Klaffenbach, former project manager Peter Herrmann and Robert Malcolm Errington.

All editorial remarks and comments are written traditionally in Latin, which, in view of the decreasing spread of this language and of the larger effort to Editors criticized sporadically. The inscriptions have been published without translation, recently translations for the newly released fascicles but offered in German on the website of IG.

The Inscriptiones Graecae are published by de Gruyter, Berlin.