An installation program, known colloquially as short Installer, a program for computer ( computer ) that sets up software such as executable programs or drivers on a computer is ( installed). There are three different forms:

  • Programs such as the Windows Installer to install the software contained in a separate installation package.
  • To download the dedicated software is often distributed in the form of an installer that includes both the installer as well as the distributed software (see self- extracting archive )
  • For software on CD-ROM/DVD-ROM installer and software are generally present separately.

A currently very popular format for Microsoft Windows is the MSI installation package that is installed by the Windows Installer. From company manufactured tools to create installers for Windows are, for example, InstallShield, Setup Builder, Wise, ScriptLogic (previously Masai Solutions), InstallAware, the multi-platform tool Install Builder by BitRock ( for open source programs for free ) and OnDemand. Most of these tools can generate both MSI packages and regular stand-alone installer in the form of an executable file. For eComStation there WarpIn the program for the same purpose.

Free alternatives are, eg, NSIS, FWPinstaller, Inno Setup, IzPack and WiX ( by Microsoft) for Windows, check Install for Linux.

Many programs can be installed without installing the program by simply copying the files. The only prerequisite is that neither registry entries created even deeper changes need to be made ​​to the system. In addition, shortcuts or start menu entries must be created manually.

When installing programs on CD- ROM or DVD for Windows Autorun feature is often used to make them start automatically when you insert.