Intel 8282

The Intel 8282 is an 8- bit latch, which was primarily developed for the Intel-8086/8087/8088/8089-Prozessoren. The block is supplied in 20-pin DIP. He was licensed to NEC and Siemens among others. With the ROM - less versions of the MCS-48 and MCS-51 microcontroller ( 8035/8039 and 8031/8032 ) can compact systems with external ROM / EPROM can be realized. The 8282 can also be used in place of the 8080/8085-Systemen 8212. Is OE ( Output Enable ) is connected to GND, the block is selected. STB (Strobe ) is connected to the terminal ALE ( Address Latch Enable ) of the processor and takes over the address data from the multiplexed Adress-/Datenbus. The 8283 has the same functionality, but inverts the data.

Literature and data sheets

  • Datasheet ( Intel): 8282/8283 Octal Latch
  • NEC Electronics (Europe) GmbH, 1982 Catalog, pp. 703-706 ( μPB8282/83 8- bit latches, PDF, 168 kB)