Intel i860

The i860 (or 80860 ) is a 64 -bit processor by Intel.

It was introduced in the first half of the 1990s. He was originally similar to the Itanium today, form a new class of computing. The architecture of the CPU was fundamentally different to the x86 processor architecture from Intel, compatibility was not respected.

The CPU was run at 33 and 40 MHz clock rate and thus reached a speed of approximately 80 MFLOPS. Up to three instructions per cycle were performed simultaneously:

  • An integer command
  • Two floating point instructions

The executed in RISC processor design then found, however, hardly as a workstation processor use, only a few manufacturers built it. The company NeXT brought to their workstation NeXTcube a platinum expansion based out on the chip called next dimension. The i860 was a time used in some high- end graphics cards.

The development for the Microsoft NT operating system (later Windows NT) was started on the i860 processor, but never delivered for this in a final version.