Intelligence Support Activity

The Intelligence Support Activity ( ISA, nicknamed The Activity ) is a special unit of the United States Army. Together with units such as Delta Force and DEVGRU it belongs to the Joint Special Operations Command ( JSOC ).


The ISA (hence the name Intelligence) support the other units of JSOC with nachrichtendienstlichem material, but also maintains a small private fighting force in self-defense.


The structure of the unit is unclear, but probably the Delta Force or the British Special Air Service (SAS ) is similar. Its strength is estimated at about 200 to 300 soldiers.


The unit was established in 1980 under the name of Field Operations Group, the Delta Force to assist in the rescue operation in connection with the taking of hostages in Tehran ( Operation Eagle Claw). This effort failed, largely due to inadequate preparation and planning mistakes, but mainly because of turf wars and rivalry of the involved branches of the armed forces. A year later the name was changed to Intelligence Support Activity. The headquarters were initially in Arlington, Virginia, in a civilian building; now the unit is, however, at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, housed. In 1989, the unit was officially dissolved, but only the name of ISA disappeared. Since then, a cover name is used, which is changed every two years. Last names were used Centra Spike, Torn Victor and Gray Fox.