Directors (of French intendant, overseer ',' administrator ') are overall responsible managing director and artistic director of a public- service broadcaster, a festival theater, a theater, an opera house, a festival or the like. - A theater director or principal is, however, an independent contractor, as a tenant or owner of a theater.


At the feudal court was the director of the administrator of the fund, ie the (eg royal or princely ) closet.

During the absolutism directors were responsible to collect taxes for the king. As they are in this activity often enriched themselves, they were despised by the people of the third state.

Tasks and functions

The director embodied in the rule, the administrative head of his house and is thus superior service. At the same time he is often self- artistic- content active: Intendant great theaters and opera houses often work as a director, or more rarely as musical director. For about twenty years, the management skills are weighted more heavily.

The German public broadcasters the director is elected and appointed by the Broadcasting Council.

In the area of the stage director is mostly used by the financing municipalities or countries. Counts the competence of the directors in addition to the musical theater and theater and ballet ( Dreispartentheater house ), so he gets the title general manager. Special great opera houses, which are financed by the state, are overseen by a state director. This even has the (at least honorary been thought ) Supervision for an entire state.

Well-known director of theaters

  • Sven Grunert

Well-known director of broadcasters

  • Hans Abich (Radio Bremen)
  • Heinrich Adameck (DFF )
  • Gerd Bacher (ORF )
  • Erik Bettermann (DW)
  • Hans Bausch (SDR )
  • Peter Boudgoust (BWR)
  • Tom Buhrow (WDR)
  • Gerhart Eisler ( broadcast of the GDR )
  • Ernst Elitz ( DLR)
  • Hermann Fünfgeld (SDR )
  • Karl Holzamer ( ZDF)
  • Franz Soon ( SR )
  • Friedrich Nowottny (WDR)
  • Monika Piel (WDR)
  • Fritz Pleitgen (WDR)
  • Jobst Plog (NDR )
  • Thaddeus Podgorski (ORF )
  • Fritz Raff (SR )
  • Dagmar Reim (RBB )
  • Udo Reiter (MDR )
  • Helmut Reitze (HR)
  • Hubert Rohde (SR )
  • Hans Jürgen Rose Bauer ( ORB)
  • Markus Schaechter ( ZDF)
  • Horst Schättle ( SFB)
  • Dieter Stolte ( ZDF)
  • Peter Voss (SWF, SWR )
  • Ulrich Wilhelm ( BR)
  • Karola will ( MDR)

Well-known director of Festival