Interconnection ( to German: interconnection) refers to the interconnection of several independent networks. Specifically, this is applied to the interconnection of public telephone networks, in which interconnection charges ( IC fees) will be charged. Furthermore, the designation at national electricity grids in North America in the field of North American Electric Reliability Corporation is used, which are characterized by several major merger, each asynchronous interconnections by means of interconnections.

Communication technology

The term interconnection is general use in interconnection networks, in which the term connection (English Connection) is already familiar. He has been present for a long time in the parent OSI model, very Open Systems Interconnection, which describes the connection of open systems by interconnecting via the network.

In the language of Interconnection means regularly not the simple interconnection of individual computers and terminals - this is " network " and " connection" familiar - but the interconnection of larger networks and multipart overall systems.

Such interconnection networks are normally administered via coupling independent stations, which has as a single system connected to both networks. The term interconnect will then be applied to the function of the coupling station, the term interconnection of the set of switched connections, in which an intersection with the OSI term exists.

In the connection of networks on the Internet, specifically the interconnection of transport networks of larger providers, it is called special from the peering networks. Instead of interconnection charges one talks of the peering charges, however mostly omitted, and only be charged when passing through a third provider.

Telephone networks

Public telephone networks as well as national public telephone networks emerged, which were built partly by very different rules. Within the national telephone network, the fee collection is unique in the interconnection in international frameworks were necessary, such as transit fees will be charged. Instead of charges for "Connections" ( engl. connection), another term was necessary.

Over time, the concept of interconnection charges has for this inner connection in the common international framework. This was taken as the end of the 20th century, the national telephone networks were opened to competition. The settlement of charges for interconnection of competing telephone networks this was more complex.

Of special importance is the concept of IC charges if he does not find application as a pure cost reimbursement, but part of the profit orientation of privatized enterprises. This can occur for example in Bahamas connections that have large call center, and find their income solely from the excess of remuneration clearing, without having to use special 0190 pay settlement.

In the field of mobile communication, private telephone networks have the IC charges used to stronger customer loyalty groups to the network operator. The connection charge in the telephone network are expensive as compounds competing wireless networks, although they span the same territorial area. The IC charges in mobile can therefore be the target of decrees of the competition authorities.

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