Interleukin 1 receptor, type I

The interleukin -1 receptor type 1 ( or shortly: IL-1R1 ) is a cell membrane -permanent receptor protein. It is activated by interleukin- 1α and interleukin- 1β and wears, in contrast to IL-1 receptor type 2 which further signals. The interleukin -1 receptor type 1 affects apoptosis, the MAP kinase pathway, and has ( CD 121), a significance for the regulation of certain aspects of hematopoiesis. It is encoded on the chromosome segment 2Q12 and has 569 amino acids. He is present on all cells, its expression is not heavily regulated. The activity of the IL-1R1 is regulated instead by the equilibrium with a likewise formed by the body of interleukin -1 receptor antagonist ( IL1RA ). This can be recombinantly produced and marketed (as anakinra or Kineret ®).