International Academy of Aquatic Art

The International Academy of Aquatic Art ( German International Academy of Water Art, abbreviation IAAA ) is a non -profit organization for the development of swimming for the performing arts. It has its headquarters in the United States.


The IAAA was founded in 1955 by former synchronized swimmers from the United States to develop the Swimming of a pure competitive discipline towards an artistic, creative dance form. The founding members were:

  • Mary Derosier: former chairman of the Amateur Athletic Union, who conducted one of the first organizations synchronized swimming competitions
  • Richard J. Dodson: in 1951 the editor of the first journal for synchronized swimming (Synchronized Swimmer )
  • Henry Gundling: coach, manager and husband of the synchronized swimmer Beulah Gundling

Since its inception, the IAAA regularly hosts festivals throughout North America, in which different swimming performances with choreography for soloists, duets and groups are presented. The floats and choreographers working at the IAAA call themselves Aquatic Artists ( German: Water Artist ). The style of the performances, which are shown by both women and men, composed of elements of synchronized swimming as well as various dance forms. In most cases, the players choose art music to the soundtrack of their programs.

The mean Deten Aquatic Artists included Beulah Gundling, the internationally well as representative of the IAAA gave lectures in addition to their diverse activities as a swimmer, choreographer and author, as well as Bert Hubbard, one of the first male synchronized swimmers from the USA. Hubbard operates today as a historian for the IAAA and preserved in the archive to a wealth of books, videos, photos and newspaper articles.


Beulah Gundling: Orientale ( 1975)

Bert Hubbard (left), Joan Hinder Stone (center) and Richard Proctor (right) in Bert Hubbard 's own choreography " Othello " (1960) by G. Verdi's opera

Bert Hubbard and Diane Tulley in His and her Limelight at IAAA Festival 1997

Beulah Gundling and her husband Henry Gundling (left) in 1980

Group picture of the IAAA 1979, from left to right: Henry Gundling, Peg Sellers, Marge Sharpe, Beulah Gundling, Kay Curtis, Norma Prince, Lee Vanderpool, Vaughan Baird