International Center of Photography

The International Center of Photography (ICP ) is a museum founded in 1974, Research and Training Institute of Photography in Midtown Manhattan (New York City).

Since 1985, the Infinity Awards, the ICP awards annually for outstanding achievements in photography.


The ICP arose from an initiative by Cornell Capa, brother of the famous photographer Robert Capa, of the Fund for Concerned Photography in 1966 called into being to keep the films of his brother and other colleagues such as Werner Bischof and David Seymour in the public consciousness. In 1974, out of necessity came out to present the existing work better, the ICP in Willard Straight House at the Museum Mile on Fifth Avenue.

Due to increasing space problems by constant growth of archives and exhibitions in 1985, first opened a second gallery with the ICP Midtown. Coinciding with the opening of a new 17,000 m² gallery located on Avenue of the Americas ( 1133 43rd Street) in 2000, a collaboration with the George Eastman House in Rochester was agreed, whereby one of the greatest photographic collections in the world was accessible.

In the permanent exhibitions of the museum now houses more than 100,000 photographs. The focus is on documentary photography from 1930 to the end of the century. Numerous works of W. Eugene Smith, Henri Cartier- Bresson, Robert Capa or Lisette Model are exhibited in the museum, to new acquisitions by contemporary artists Carrie Mae Weems about, Justine Kurland and Tomoko Sawada to see.

ICP School

The School of the International Center of Photography (short: ICP School) was opened in the Grace Building in Manhattan in 2001 and is considered one of the most prestigious photo academies in the world. In addition to two Master of Arts degrees and public photography courses be offered for community and social projects carried out. In total, more than 5000 students study annually at the ICP School. In the reference library of the ICP over 15,000 monographs and 75 journal series are publicly available.


In 2003, a joint venture of the ICP with the famous Göttingen art book publisher Steidl began. The Steidl -Verlag acts as publisher and printer who ICP is the extensive collection available as a resource and takes over the content editing. In this way appear four to six publications per year; Monographs, Art books and exhibition catalogs.