InterNational Committee for Information Technology Standards

The InterNational Committee for Information Technology Standards ( INCITS ) is a major American standards organization in the field of information technology. INCITS is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and has over 600 De jure standards developed. The importance of the INCITS extends far beyond the United States, as these standards are considered worldwide as the industry standard, or serve as a basis for international standards of the International Organization for Standardization ( ISO).

INCITS was (usually abbreviated as X3 ) established in 1961 under the name Accredited Standards Committee X3, Information Technology. In 1996 he was renamed to National Committee for Information Technology Standards ( NCITS ). The last name change from 2003 was replaced by National InterNational to take account of the increasingly international nature of the INCITS.

Known examples of norms of INCITS are the ASCII character set, the programming languages ​​Fortran, COBOL, C and C or hardware interfaces such as SCSI, Fibre Channel and ATA.

Technical Committees

The standards are developed in technical committees that specialize in a particular subject area.

The most prominent technical committees and their standards are:

  • T10 (SCSI Storage Interfaces): SCSI and related interfaces (eg SAS, SAT, MMC)
  • T11 ( Device Level Interfaces): Fibre Channel ( FC) Storage Network Management (SM), and under the former name X3T9.3: HIPPI
  • T13 (ATA Storage Interface ): ATA / ATAPI interface between mass storage and computer, published as an ANSI standard.