International Federation of the Phonographic Industry

The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI ), the World Federation of the Phonographic Industry.

The German section was founded in 1958.


The object of the IFPI is primarily to preserve the copyrights internationally, with the IFPI members are the stakeholders of the Phonographic Industry towards politics nationally and internationally. There are additional IFPI Organizations For Europe, Latin America and Southeast Asia. Another important object, the IFPI in the fight against " piracy ". Of special importance is to get beyond in recent years, the technical and legal implementation of the global music trade over the Internet and other digital media. Likewise, the IFPI is a strong data retention.

The IFPI 's London headquarters is the link for the national recording associations in 75 countries and partners in an additional 48 countries. Regional centers exist in Brussels, Hong Kong and Miami and in Moscow ( CIS ).

The individual national IFPI organizations decide beyond the regulations of the national music charts, which are mostly determined in their name, and the awarding of gold and platinum records and other awards on behalf of the Phonographic Industry. It awards the famous and coveted " World Music Award ". Furthermore, they (currently 9.009 %) is with GEMA, the dealer charges for the payment of the license rights of the copyright holders of.

IFPI Platinum Europe Award

Since 1996, the IFPI award the " IFPI Platinum Europe Award " to artists who have sold a million or more copies of an album within Europe. The award is given monthly, and can be in the case of more than one million copies sold also awarded several times for an album. Digital album sales in the form of music downloads are also taken into account for the collection of data. With nine awards the albums one of the Beatles and Let's Talk About Love by Celine Dion are the most award-winning publications. t.A.T.u. received the prize has been the only performer twice for the same album in two different languages.

Since October 2009 the " IFPI Middle East Awards" are awarded for albums by international artists inspired by the European pendants that reach in a country of the Middle East gold or platinum status. This award is presented quarterly.