International financial institutions

Development banks are banks, which combine development assistance to States in need and offer usually in the form of loans. The most famous is the World Bank Group.

There are also several regional (multilateral ) development banks:

  • African Development Bank ( AfDB)
  • Asian Development Bank ( ADB)
  • Bank of the South ( Banco del Sur )
  • Of Europe Development Bank ( CEB)
  • Eurasian Development Bank
  • European Bank for Reconstruction and Development ( EBRD)
  • European Investment Bank ( EIB)
  • Inter-American Development Bank ( IADB )
  • Islamic Development Bank ( IDB)
  • Caribbean Development Bank ( CDB)
  • Namibian Development Bank ( DBN)
  • Black Sea Trade and Development Bank ( BSTDB )
  • Central American Bank for Economic Integration ( BCIE )

In addition to these regional ( multilateral ) development banks, there are still a number of national development banks, in Germany for example, the KfW banking group in Austria, the Austrian Development Bank ( OeEB ).