International GT Open

The International GT Open is a European Gran Turismo racing series.

The racing series

This GT racing series was founded in 2006 by the organizers of the Spanish GT Championship, which also served as the base rules. So in the first year the race weekends were extended as in Spain. Both Saturday and Sunday, a race with a distance of 200 km took place in each case. 2007, the regulations were revised and Sunday's race was shortened to 150 km. Some of the races are in the World Touring Car Championship.

Was put out to tender to 2008 in classes GTA, GTB and GTS. The GTA class corresponded to the G2 class of the FIA ​​GT Championship, the opposite of the GT2 not allow homologated vehicles. In this class are mainly Ferrari F430 GTC and Porsche 911 GT3 RSR for use. In the GTS class racing cars were eligible to enter were run in various brand formulas, like the Porsche Cup and Ferrari Challenge. The GTB class was open to the cars of the G3 category, similar to the G2 over the cars from the FIA GT3 European Championship also does not allow homologated race car.

Since 2009, there are only the class Super GT and GTS. Where the former two categories GTB and GTS were merged. The aerodynamically less modified formula brand vehicles take now but only sporadically in the championship part. The Super GT, however, is unchanged compared to the former GTA.

The overall and class winner

Drivers' championship

Team classification