International Phonetic Association

The International Phonetic Association [ ˌ ɪntənæʃənəl fəʊnɛtɪk ə ˌ səʊsieɪʃn̩ ] ( acronym: IPA; French: Association phonétique international API) is the world's largest and most important organization in the field of phonetic sciences and their application.

The IPA was founded in 1886 in Paris by some language teachers, led by the French linguist Paul Passy, initially with the aim to develop a single possible phonetic transcription system for the notation of the sounds of virtually all known languages ​​and this system henceforth as a tool in foreign language teaching in schools to spread.

The IPA is not to be confused with the IPA, the International Phonetic Alphabet, although it was not developed by the IPA, will be maintained and rooted in the approaches mentioned above. The journal, Journal of the International Phonetic Association is published on behalf of the Association, and also the IPA is also organizer of a four-year, international conference, the International Congress of Phonetic Sciences ( ICPhS ).