International Society of Arachnology

The International Society of Arachnology (ISA, International Society Arachnologische ) supports studies of arachnids and the exchange among scientists in the Arachnologie. It acts as an umbrella organization for regional Arachnologische companies and individuals with an interest in arachnids. It organizes every three years an international congress. 2010 belonged to the ISA 830 professional and semi-professional arachnologists. The current president (2010 to 2013) is Charles Griswold.


The establishment of the ISA goes back to the zoologist Hermann Wiehle, who provided the impetus for an international meeting of arachnologists 1960. 1965 in Frankfurt am Main, the " III. Congress of European arachnologists " organized. The French zoologist Max Vachon and Otto Kraus presented their ideas of the Centre International de Documentation Arachnologique ( CIDA). It was founded in 1963 as a department of the Muséum national d' histoire naturelle in Paris. This CIDA gave in 1963 at the three -yearly basis under the name of the directory Arachnologistes Mondiaux lists of active agents in their fields out and a list of published scientific publications from Arachnologie. 1968, the fourth international meeting of arachnologists ( IVème Congrès International d' Arachnologie ) was held in Paris, which later became the International Congress of Arachnology was.

The management of CIDA remained under the chosen general secretary Jacqueline Heurtault until their retirement in Paris and was established in 1998 to Washington, DC laid. There it was led by Jonathan Coddington and the United States National Museum affiliated. Following a decision of a meeting of arachnologists 1999 in Chicago CIDA was renamed the International Society of Arachnology (ISA). Finally, in 2002 moved to the administration of the ISA to Berlin, where they by Jason Dunlop ( Museum of Natural History ) is conducted.


Since 1965, three annual congresses are held regularly.

Since 1999, the Journal of Arachnology replaced as the official publication only at the three annual meetings published proceedings and journals supplemented arachnologischer regional companies. It is also a mailing list has been established.

Since 2007 special achievements in Arachnologie be honored by awards. For the service performance of Simon award is awarded, which is named after Eugene Simon. For outstanding contributions to the community of arachnologists the Pierre Bonnet Prize is awarded, and for a single most outstanding work of Paolo Marcello Brignoli price.


After Eugène Simon (1848-1924) named and awarded for lifetime achievement in the arachnological research. The awards went to: 2010: Valerie Todd Davies, Australia and 2007: Herbert Walter Levi, United States

Named after Pierre Bonnet (1897-1990), awarded for outstanding achievements in the arachnological research community. The awards went to: 2010: Jerzy Prószyński, Poland and 2007: Norman Platnick, USA

Named after Paolo Marcello Brignoli (1942-1986), for exceptional performance. The awards went to: 2010: Hirotsugu Ono, Japan and 2007: Charles Griswold, United States


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