International Typographic Style

With Swiss typography refers to the building on the New Typography design direction of typography since about 1955.

Characteristic of this direction are design grid, asymmetrical -nonsense, sans serif fonts in a few font sizes, extreme white spaces and the absence of decorative elements.

Known typographers who coined the Swiss style, are Max Bill, Adrian Frutiger, Karl Gerstner, Walter Haettenschweiler, Armin Hofmann, Hans Eduard Meier, Max Miedinger, Josef Müller- Brockmann, Bruno Pfäffli, Emil Ruder, Helmut Schmid and Anton Stankowski.

In training as a typesetter at the Zurich School of Applied Arts, this style was still taught in the 50s and 60s. The Typographic month leaves were the journalistic exchange organ of typographic movement in Switzerland.