International University Audentes

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The International University Audentes ( IUA; Estonian: Rahvusvaheline Ülikool Audentes ) based in Tallinn is the largest private university in Estonia. She offers her subjects in teaching English, Estonian and Russian.

The University is organized into three schools, the Business School, the Law School, the School of Social Sciences and Humanities. All courses meet the international requirements in accordance with the agreements of Bologna. Since the academic year 1999/2000, the University is part of the Erasmus program, which facilitates the exchange of teachers and students with other universities. To date, the IUA has signed bilateral agreements with 44 European universities.

The University was founded in 2003 from the merger of two predecessor institutions, the Audentes University and Concordia International University. Out were the Estonian- and Russian-language courses under the name Audentes University, marketed the English under the name International University Concordia Audentes. The present name has been used since 2006 for all courses.

The operating company of the university is Audentes Ltd.. In addition to her university include the School Audentes that Audentes Sports School and the Audentes Sports Club.

The International University Audentes and Tallinn University of Technology are in negotiations that have a merger of the two institutions to the goal. On 23 April 2008 a preliminary agreement was signed in this regard.



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