In the original sense of the word Cybernaut or Internaut called a " traveler in a virtual reality." The artificial word made ​​up of cyberspace and Nautes (Greek for " sailor ", as in Astronaut ). Cyberspace is again a portmanteau of cybernetics and Space (English for space ). The term has been in use since the early 1990s.

Colloquially, the term Cybernaut is mostly used generally for a person "who spends a lot of time online and researched the Internet, ' ". The concept of it directly derived Internaut is little used in German.

A related, and the Germans more common term is that of the Internet surfers, or just Surfers. Linguistically, the surfer will " drift along " rather associated with, whereas Cybernaut that emphasizes " dive " into another world. The concept plays in particular on the perceived immersion of Cybernaut dunking for a long time in a three-dimensional virtual reality, the Internet, or specifically the World Wide Web and thereby himself and his real environment perceives only reduced.

Special Use

In medical computer science and there especially in computerized or robotic surgery (see also telemedicine ), the concept of Cybernaut is adapted and used for the operator of the virtualized system. The Cybernaut " looks virtually as, outsider ' through a ' window ' in the virtual world".