Internet hosting service

Hosting (Eng. " host be ") is the placement of Internet projects that can be called publicly through the Internet in general. This task is performed by internet service providers ( ISP or web host ), web storage, databases, e- mail addresses and other products to offer, and are used to exchange data through the Internet. These providers usually put on their Web servers by the client eg via SFTP or FTP uploaded from sites take over if necessary, the registration of domains and the notice by DNS.

The services may include:

  • Provision of web space, web hosting, free hosting
  • Provision of Web databases, such as MySQL, PostgreSQL or Oracle
  • Registration of TLDs
  • E- mail hosting
  • Provision of complete shop systems
  • Providing complete CMS such as Joomla or TYPO3 and phpwcms

The price offered by the web host web space is usually used by the customer to publish their own websites. This can include

  • Private sites
  • Commercial Internet projects
  • And company websites

And complex programs, or applications, which can arise from a variety of scripting and programming languages ​​such as PHP, ASP, ColdFusion, Perl, Python, C, Ruby or Java.

Likewise, many users take the pure E - mail hosting services. About this communication can take place between two different users via a mail server or, if multiple mail servers. Pure E -mail hosting service is typically free to a certain extent. However, to special services such as much space, so you can also purchase a paid expansion with most service providers. Due to the broad diversification there as well as in other industries specialized websites for comparing web hosting services.

If a hosting provider operating one, it can happen that a web site for several days or even weeks on the Internet are not available and you have to deal with in this time looking for a new provider. Previously, the relocation of the domain by a connectivity coordination request (KK - applications ) has been executed. Nowadays, the hoster is obliged to submit an auth code, which you have to submit after the new hoster. This code allows the new hosting to change the old IP address of the domain name to the IP address of its server, or its DNS server.

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