The Inter Regio - Express, abbreviated IRE, is a type of train of DB Regio, which is only offered in some German Länder. The IRE is a train of railway passenger services and was introduced to the summer timetable 2001. Reason for this measure at that time was the increasing elimination of inter-regional lines by DB long-distance transport. As a replacement then ordered some states on the relevant routes IRE trains, which are financed from regionalization funds. In addition, the IRE but was ordered at the same time on routes where never before a Interregio wrong ( for example, on the relations Stuttgart - Tübingen - Aulendorf and Ulm - Aalen ).

In addition, DB Regio also referred to in a commercial powered trains of railway passenger services as IRE. From 2010 to 2012, the Magdeburg -Berlin- Express was a direct connection between Berlin and Magdeburg offered.

In contrast to the previous inter-regional trains the IRE trains can also be used with all transportation tickets of the product group C in the price system of the Deutsche Bahn, as well as tickets to the transport associations. However, this resulted in particular in the early days to confusion among travelers, which was not yet known often that they are allowed to use these trains transport tickets. Furthermore, the new train type was initially also wrongly called "Inter Regional Express " or ironically referred to as " Interregio replacement ". Meanwhile, the name InterRegio Express, however, has established.

Between Ulm Hbf and Basel Bad Bf operate so-called additional to the regular IRE IRE Sprinter trains which hold even rarer than the ordinary IREs. However, this is not about an official train type in terms of the conditions of carriage of the Deutsche Bahn AG.

Use routes


Crossing the border to Bavaria, Switzerland and France

Berlin / Saxony- Anhalt / Saxony / Hamburg

Temporary use routes

Rhineland -Palatinate / Saarland

In the meantime, also drove on the route Saarbrücken - Kaiserslautern - Ludwigshafen - Mannheim for a year IRE trains with former IR cars today run as an ordinary Regional Express. In Hesse, passed in 2001, differences between the DB AG, among others, the lines Frankfurt - Casting - Kassel and Frankfurt - Casting - designated victories as InterRegioExpress, and the RMV, who persistently refused to apply this new product names, and even today, the Discontinued product StadtExpress ordered. Furthermore, were transformed with the introduction of InterRegioExpress former RE- lines in IRE lines in some states. However, the difference between IRE and RE was hardly recognizable, while RE and RB are often easily distinguished by distinct differences in retention rate. The renaming of RE in IRE were now all undone.

Berlin / Brandenburg

From December 2010 to December 2012 reversed the IRE Line 25 ( Magdeburg -Berlin- Express) from Monday to Friday with two pairs of trains between Magdeburg and Berlin. In this 12 December 2010 in the name of Emperor Otto the Great baptized IRE - line, it was also an own commercial offer of DB Regio southeast. Although this relation trains crossed the state of Brandenburg, but traveling between Magdeburg and Berlin without stopping. The IRE had fewer intermediate stops than the IC on the same relation ( that holds also in Brandenburg Main Station and holding Potsdam Hauptbahnhof and Berlin -Wannsee accounted construction site due on 11 December 2011 to 8 December 2012) and was between the two main railway stations two to eleven minutes faster than the IC, connecting Berlin and Magdeburg, with a pair of trains. ( Here, the IC allowed to stay from 8:00 hours in Magdeburg, the IRE, of December 12, 2011 to December 8th, 2012 by max. 10:01 h in Berlin during the day). "On December 10, 2012 ", this compound was discontinued due to low utilization.

The sets of the IRE, 25 were formed of a locomotive class 112 and three new double-decker coaches. It turned the IRE 25, as described in the customer magazine mobile in March 2011, a prototype for from 2013 for use provided double-decker InterCity is, there was a fine selection of place, luggage racks in the car, carpet and leather seats in 1st class as well as outlets in almost all seats.

Bavaria / Saxony

The timetable change in December 2006, the trains of the Central Saxony -Vogtland - Express courtyard were - Dresden converted into a regional express line. The term has since IRE for the Franken- Sachsen- Express Nuremberg - Dresden used, and replace the existing intercity trains. Unlike many other IRE - lines of the Franken- Sachsen- Express is not subsidized by the regional rail PTAs, but an own commercial offer of DB long-distance transport. The timetable change on 15 December 2013, this line was resolved. The trips are now run as RE.

Vehicles in regular operation

In Baden-Württemberg IRE transport different vehicles are used, including diesel-powered tilting trains of type series 611 and DB Class 641 double-decker cars of various generations as well as locomotive-hauled trains with n- cars. In previous years also were also y carriage (on the route Stuttgart - Tübingen ) and railcars of Class 650 ( Regio-Shuttle, in this case, no first class was offered) are observed in use as IRE. Furthermore, came to the spring of 2006 on the route Karlsruhe - Pforzheim - Stuttgart with the 112 series strung old InterRegio cars in the classic blue color as IRE used by the delivery of new double-decker coaches and locomotives of the series 146, however, is this train composition has become the past.

When Franken- Sachsen- Express diesel-powered tilting trains series 612 were used.