Intersport Heilbronn Open

The Intersport Heilbronn Open is a tournament in men's tennis ATP Challenger Tour. It takes place annually since 1984 at the Tennis Center Talheim the Talheimer Industrial Area Rough engraving, approximately 6 km south of the city of Heilbronn in Baden- Württemberg, instead, in 1988 it was included in the tournament of the ATP. Initiator and leader of the tournament is Uli Eimüllner. The annual deadline is the end of January, the same time as the beginning of the second week of the Australian Open. It take 32 players participated in the first round, before four players can about the qualifications qualify for the main draw, which would not be allowed to start with their world ranking; to four players, mostly young German talent, the organization team assigns so-called wildcards, which entitle the holder to participate in the first round without qualification. A total of three covered hard courts are available, the Center Court can accommodate 1700 spectators. The winner receives 110 ranking points, the total prize money of 106,500 euros, as well as the accommodation of the players will be paid.

At challengers usually take part young players who have their careers ahead of them. Later became known previous winners include Carl -Uwe Steeb and Michael Stich.

The tournament is part of the Tretorn Serie , Tretorn is the name of the cue ball.

List of Winners