Interstate 17

Interstate 17 (abbreviated I- 17) is an interstate highway that direction leads exclusively in north-south through the U.S. state of Arizona. It starts in Phoenix off Interstate 10 and ends in Flagstaff off Interstate 40, the southern part of the highway was built along the Arizona State Route 69, while the northern part along the Arizona State Route 79 was built. The Interstate has to overlook several trips to viewpoints of the mountains and valleys of the northern part of the highway.

Located off Interstate 17 are the Montezuma Castle National Monument and Agua Fria National Monument which, as well as the architectural project of the architect Paolo Soleri Arcosanti.


The I-17 is called from the north end in Flagstaff to downtown Phoenix Black Canyon Freeway. From the curve southwest of Downtown between 19th Avenue and Buckeye Road they shall be called Maricopa Freeway. This name is then taken from the I-10 to the eastern suburbs.


In Phoenix Interstate 17 begins contrary to the usual approach to the milestone 194 instead of zero. This is a vestige of the old system in Arizona that branches off road take on the milestone the previous street. Because of this tradition, the I-17 received its milestones of Arizona State Route 69, which was replaced by the Interstate between Phoenix and Cordes. The milestone of State Route 96 in turn derived from the junction with U.S. Highway 89 in the construction of Interstate 17, the milestones of the AZ 69 were retained.