Interstate 19

Interstate 19 (abbreviated I-19 ) runs from the Mexican border, near Nogales to Interstate 10 in Tucson, and is just in the state of Arizona.

General information on the I-19

The I-19 runs mostly parallel to the former U.S. Highway 89

He is unique among U.S. highways, since it indicates the distances in meters (hundreds or thousands as distance display for output) or kilometers (as distance display to the destination ), and not, as usual, in miles. However, the speed limit sign specify the speeds in miles - per - hour. According to the Arizona Department of Transportation ( ADOT ) ( German: Ministry of Transport of Arizona ) (: metric system shock German ) awarded in the United States at the time of the construction of Interstates were metric signs on the basis of the " metric system push".

Recently announced the ADOT known to change the character metric in stages back to the English system, as you can such a high cost that would be incurred during the immediate retooling avoid.

On the Mexican side of Nogales, the Mexican Federal Highway 15, leading up to Mexico City, and is used not only by tourists often begins.

The cross with the Interstate 10 and the section to the exit Ajo was rebuilt between 2002 and 2004.